Moretto Corkscrew: Structure

Moretto Corkscrew is set by 3 assembled pieces, which form the central body (A+B+C) and the engine part (A+B) completely made in Aluminum. The piercing tip (D) is in aluminum covered with a chromium plating treatment suitable for food.
Total height, with the inserted cork (C): cm 15.2, diameter: cm 5.3.
Piercing tip (D): diameter cm 1.2 with piercing capacity cm 6.5.

Cavatappi Moretto design

Moretto Corkscrew: how to use

How to use
Remove the lower collar (C), whose function is to protect the "worm" (piercing tip D).   Lean with the hand the corkscrew on the cork of the bottle trying to set the worm in the center.
Push a bit.   Then turn the superior collar (A) clockwise until the complete extraction of the cork from the bottle.
To take off the cork from the corkscrew just turn the collar counterclockwise.
An importante feature of Moretto is that the operation of screwing and unscrewing for the extraction of the cork is helped because of the pillow block set inside the body (B) in the superior part.

Cavatappi Moretto funzionamento